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Sunrider Wins SMEs Asia Award 2014/2015
Sunrider Singapore Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. received the SMEs Asia Award at an award ceremony held on November 16, 2014, at the Resort World Sentosa Convention Centre in Singapore. Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Founder and Chairman of Sunrider International, flew in especially to be presented with this prestigious award. The event is jointly organized by the Trade & Industry Association of Singapore (TIAS) and the Asia Business Journal, and is part of an Asia-wide platform to recognize successful Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore and Asia that are contributing positively to their local economies.

The event was attended by close to 300 people from various professional fields and industries. Among the VIPs were current and former Members of Parliament and Ministers of State. The Guest-of-Honor for the night, Mr. Zainudin Nordin, is a Member of Parliament as well as Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Manpower.

In addition to receiving the SMEs Asia Award, Dr. Chen also received the Luminary Award, which was the top award of the award ceremony. The Luminary Award recognizes those select few entrepreneurs who not only excel in their respective business sectors, but who also undertake notable social responsibilities in their communities. More than a hundred companies received the SMEs Asia Award, but only six received both the SMEs Asia Award and the Luminary Award. Sunrider is proud to be recognized among the six winners.

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