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Sunrider operates an Independent Business Owner (IBO) business system in the United States, Canada, Israel, Western Europe, Hungary, Eastern Europe, Russia, and East Asia. Sunrider IBOs own a franchise-like business and sell Sunrider® products. This business system combines the best of franchising and direct-selling for a unique opportunity.

Sunrider IBO Benefits
  • Sunrider has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in operations, management, products, and service.
  • Opportunity to own a successful franchise-like business.
  • Initial start up and operational costs are much lower compared to most businesses.
  • Simple training program developed with years of experience.
  • Award-winning products with a high repurchasing rate.
  • A VIP Member program to attract new Members.
Sunrider IBO Compensation Plan
  • Earn retail profits by marketing exclusive Sunrider® products.
  • We offer one of the highest guaranteed payouts.
  • In addition, we calculate your bonuses based on the company sales volume personal group sales, for the greatest earning potential. Most plans usually pay a small percentage of just your group sales volume.
  • Earn generous bonuses, homes, cars, and to travel the world.
  • Numerous success stories.
  • Four-Month Fast-Track System to help you achieve your optimal goals more quickly.

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