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Lau Wun Me (Income)
Lead Business Leader
Hong Kong

I joined Sunrider more than a decade ago. Initially I just consumed the amazing products in order to achieve health and balance for me and my family. As a housewife, I’m busy looking after my family, and I lacked the confidence to go out and share. Things changed in 2013 when my upline Kam Tim Tang called to invite me to attend a business presentation. With his encouragement and support, I became determined to build my own Sunrider business. I started with my warm list, contacting my relatives and close friends. Most of them showed support and interest, and some joined me.

Next came the harder part, the cold list. I mustered all my courage to go out and approach people I barely knew. I struck up conversations with people whenever possible, such as in the market, inside the lift, at a restaurant. I recruited a few new people in this manner. I gained a lot of confidence and my hard work paid off. By continuing to approach people and share Sunrider, I became a Lead Business Leader in September of 2016.

I would like to thank Sunrider for the incredible business opportunity, and my upline Kam Tim Tang for his tutoring, love, and care. I duplicate what he’s doing and tell people my story: I’m just a housewife who knows nothing about business, yet I can enjoy free time and financial independence. I got the chance to travel to the United States when I attended the Grand Convention—it was an eye opener! And it was such an honor for me to be a flag bearer representing Hong Kong during the opening ceremony. I always encourage my downline to attend convention and other Sunrider events, where you’ll learn a great deal and be uplifted. I feel fulfilled when I’m able to help people enjoy a work-life balance and achieve their life goals through Sunrider.

I plan to put more time and effort into developing my business, so I can achieve higher levels in a short period of time. My long-term goal is to buy my own flat and send my son to study abroad.

The earnings stated above are not necessarily representative or typical of the earnings Sunrider Independent Business Owners (IBOs) can or will earn through participation in the Sunrider Business Plan. These statements should not be considered guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. The average annual income of active Sunrider IBOs based on the months they were active was $2,473 in 2015. An active Sunrider IBO is an IBO who has $100 or more in IBO Sales in a month. As with any other independent business, success results only from dedicated sales efforts, hard work, diligence, and leadership.

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