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Jerrie Kae (Income) 12/30/15
Group Business Leader
Billings, MT

Ten years ago, I was 56 years old and 30 pounds overweight when I heard of Sunrider. I started to eat VitaShake®, Calli®, Fortune Delight®, and Quinary® daily. A year later I had lost 30 pounds (I’ve kept the weight off till this day) and had much more clarity.** Sunrider had satisfied me like no other food ever had. It helped me say no to ICE CREAM—I could hardly believe it. It is amazing how quickly cloudy minds can be cleared and appearances be transformed with the right nutrition!

As a recently retired teacher, I am blessed to have been in a fairly large school district where a lot of people saw my transformation and wanted to become involved in my business. Ceci Sullivan, my upline, always says, “You are your own best advertisement.” I became a Group Business Leader by following Ceci’s path, who has lead by example. She is not in a box and neither are we, her downline. We go where we are needed, we see who the Lord puts in our path, and we tell them our stories. We listen to what the people need and want, and we share what the Lord Jesus has done for us. If they don’t want what we have, we move on. I think that is a good secret to building a business—look for like-minded people. If people aren’t interested in improving their lifestyle, respect where they are, but don’t waste your time trying to change them.

To grow our businesses, we hold home parties, go to fairs, and we travel a lot with our evangelistic outreach program. We use every opportunity to advertise our business. We also have meetings to help us stay on track to achieve our goals and mission. We invite others to join us and explain the business and the products. We take Sunrider® products with us, do demonstrations, and taste tests—whatever it takes. The foundation to our businesses is love. Doing what is best for our people.

My income in 2015 has increased by over 50% more than in 2014, and I no longer have to worry about how I’m going to pay the bills.* I live a wonderful life, getting to do the things I love with the people I love. I have been able to help my children and many other people build Sunrider businesses and eat healthier.

My goals are to be a great leader, be more interested in others’ success than my own, and help more people make money in their own Sunrider business. I want to see families thrive in our society and young mom’s have time to spend with their children. Sunrider is the tool to help alleviate the pressure of money issues and improve overall well-being and put the emphasis where it should be, on family.*

*In conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Results not typical.

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