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MeiYun Wu (Income) 11/09/15
Business Leader
Brooklyn, New York

Before doing Sunrider I worked in sales, and then later I opened a cosmetics shop. The business environment and competition in the makeup market is fierce and rent in New York is extremely high, so even though I worked long hours, opening my shop early and closing late, my business was in deep trouble and I struggled to keep it open. The traditional business model alone was simply not working for me. As I was dazed and wondering what to do, I got to know Sunrider, and I believe this was God’s blessing. At first I was opposed to direct sales, but then my customers began commenting on the products and their benefits, and this gave me the confidence to fully commit to sharing the products and the business opportunity.

I became a Business Leader by sharing the business and products everywhere I go—the subway, schools, and in the stations. When someone is in need, I take the opportunity to tell them about how Sunrider can improve their life. And I always carry some of our products with me so I can easily share with others. During the sales process, I write down their name and telephone number, and then I call them a week later to ask if they have any questions or concerns, or if they need any help. Then I follow up again one month later to help solidify our working relationship. In this way, our business is about personal networks built on relationships. First, people get to know you through personal contact and you earn their trust, and then they will have the confidence to use the products and be open to the business. I treat everyone sincerely. With enthusiastic, caring, and sincere service, customers become friends and then join the Sunrider business. This is why our team continues growing and reaching more people.

Since I joined Sunrider, the quality of life for my family has improved immensely. I am healthier and look younger, can provide more financially, and I’ve also become more confident and calm.* My next goal is to become a Group Business Leader and win the $10,000 bonus from the Leadership Challenge. I want to thank Sunrider for providing a platform to build a successful and profitable business. People like me, who have no diploma, no money, and no special skills, can work hard and achieve health and wealth and improve the lives of their family. I love that the Sunrider business allows me to help people discover financial freedom and a life of wellness and beauty.*

*The earnings stated above are not necessarily representative or typical of the earnings Sunrider Independent Business Owners (IBOs) can or will earn through participation in the Sunrider Business Plan. These statements should not be considered guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. The average annual income of active Sunrider IBOs based on the months they were active was $2,344 in 2014. An active Sunrider IBO is an IBO who has $100 or more in IBO Sales in a month. As with any other independent business, success results only from dedicated sales efforts, hard work, diligence, and leadership.

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