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Chris Reicherts (Weight Loss & Fitness) 07/13/15
Thornton, CO

Throughout the 90-day SunFit® Program, I lost a total of 29 lbs., at least 6 in. off my waist, and I also calculated that I lost over 8% body fat as well. I went from being just above the obese level to a fitness level of body fat!*

The Fitness Brigade® System provided me with a great routine that involved exercises I was mostly familiar with and also a few I'd never tried before. Because of this, I was comfortable with the program as well as challenged. I really appreciated the Nutrition Guide and the Fitness Guide as well! Those guides provided me with tools to develop a better diet and know what, along with how much, food I should be eating. Because the diet plan is designed with a ratio of 40-30-30 (protein-carbs-quality fats), I was able to eat more nutritionally beneficial meals with great flavor too! With these things, I was able to stay excited and see results throughout the program that kept me committed to my goals.

The SunFit® Pack and other Sunrider® supplements were an integral part of my program because it offered low-calorie meal replacements with VitaShake® and SunBars. I was also able to control my portion sizes by using SunTrim® Plus. I found that I craved healthier foods and was eating less as well. One of my other favorites was SportCaps®—I love the pre and post-workout benefits they provided me throughout the 90 days also!

My weight-loss success with the SunFit® Program is also helping me grow my Sunrider business. I have shared the Program and its benefits with others. I find out what their goals are and tailor my approach to their situation. I like using the SunFit® brochures to market and then I share my experience, along with offering to help them reach their goals. I recently shared my results with a high school buddy who wanted to get in better shape and was able to sign him up as an IBO! Now I’m working with him to reach his goals with SunFit.

Becoming a SunFit® Advisor has also helped me hone my skills. By attending the training, I was able to better understand Fitness Brigade, the SunFit® Pack, and the total SunFit® Program. The approach role playing conducted at training was really effective as it helped me develop a quick introduction to the program that I could share with others on a daily basis. With that knowledge, I am able to share with others more confidently.

I am really excited to get started with another 90 days and reach the new goals I have set! And I also look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with others so they will be able to change their life for the better as well, both physically and financially. By next year’s convention, I hope to be a Group Business Leader helping others build successful businesses too.

*In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Results not typical.

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