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Barb Rowe (Fitness & Income) 05/05/15
Lead Business Leader & SunFit® Advisor
Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

The SunFit® Program is an exciting tool to grow our businesses. In today’s fast-paced society, people are looking for a way to get maximum benefits with minimal time spent and this program delivers just that. The program caters to all levels of fitness, which makes it safe for everyone.

This is great for me because I have a group going and others in my downline that are doing the Fitness Brigade® Exercise System. It has given me direction and support in how to hold the workouts and help others build their businesses through duplication. Being a SunFit® Advisor has helped me learn to grow my business with the SunFit® Program.

Using the SunFit® Program gives the benefit of a fitness program along with nutrition supplementation guidelines, and it is a lot of fun getting together and doing workouts in a group setting. I’m enjoying the business benefits and camaraderie through the SunFit community my daughter Jana and I have built. This is another great way to work together as a mother/daughter team. We support each other and our teams to take our business to the next level.

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