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Ann Cue (Fitness & Income) 04/09/15
Group Business Leader
Madison, Wisconsin

For most of my life, I considered myself more or less allergic to exercise. No matter what approach I took— ­­gym membership, workout DVDs, cute equipment­­—I never lasted very long. I found all of these things either too hard, too boring, or just plain useless. Besides, I was already getting unbelievable results with good nutrition and Sunrider® foods, so I figured I didn’t need a workout routine.

I was even more comfortable with that approach when I easily lost over 30 lbs. using SunTrim® Plus, in addition to my regular Sunrider® products including VitaShake®, Fortune Delight®, Calli®, Prime Again®, Alpha 20C®, Bella®, Top®, and more.** But something about Fitness Brigade enticed me to try it, and I am so glad I did! This workout was not boring, not too hard or too easy, and definitely got results. After the first two days, I was not complaining of sore muscles, and soon after I was telling everyone about my change of attitude.

Fitness Brigade increased my energy levels, improved my body tone, and helped me achieve another level of fitness. One of my favorite surprise benefits was the improvement in my singing voice, which meant a lot to me since I teach daily music classes to small children. (And of course, I really appreciate being able to keep up with the kids, which requires a level of flexibility and general fitness I never had, even when I was a lot younger.)

I am so grateful for what Sunrider has given me: a generous income over the past 30+ years, a return to health, and now a level of fitness I never dreamed could be mine. It makes life in the so-called “senior years” better than ever!

* The earnings stated above are not necessarily representative or typical of the earnings Sunrider Independent Business Owners (IBOs) can or will earn through participation in the Sunrider Business Plan. These statements should not be considered guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. The average annual income of active Sunrider IBOs based on the months they were active was $2,344 in 2014. An active Sunrider IBO is an IBO who has purchased 100 IBO$ or more in a month. As with any other independent business, success results only from dedicated sales efforts, hard work, diligence, and leadership.

** In conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Results not typical.

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