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Bill Hughes (Vitalite)

From Couch Potato to Svelte 78 Year Old

Bill Hughes is a fun-loving man, but 20 years ago that part of him seemed to be slipping away. “I felt far older than I should have. ‘Old folk’ ailments were prematurely with me and no fun. I thought maybe at my age it was supposed to be that way—always feel old, uncomfortable, and unhappy. I had no energy, either. I could not get enough sleep, even with a nap before going to bed and sometimes one at noon. And I was a ‘couch-potato’ on weekends.”

Bill was only 58, but it seemed he’d “hit a wall.” His decreased energy and general ill-feeling was so bad he had to stop working, and he could only walk a few feet before he’d wheeze and pant. He attributed it to his weight gain—over 80 pounds in just over 2.5 years. “I tried to do better—fad ‘du jour’ diets and aids. You know, the ‘latest and greatest.’ After all, the ads suggested they’d work,” Bill said. “Still, I gained. I was hungry all the time, and I was addicted to sugar and craved it—especially ice cream. I thought I was more careful in my diet and habits than most. As some folks say: ‘I eat good.’ After all, I had lettuce on my burgers. We lived and ate as do ‘middle’ Americans.”

Finally, after a string of appointments with various doctors and specialists to try and diagnose the source of his lethargy, Bill learned about Sunrider. The Philosophy of Regeneration™ immediately made sense to him, so he and his wife quickly bought a three month supply of Sunrider® products: Fortune Delight®, NuPlus®, Quinary®, and SunnyDew®. Bill said, “Most of my symptoms disappeared within six months and quality living returned. The fun-loving guy was back!”

Expecting to be heavy the rest of his life, Bill’s only goal had been to return to work. So Bill was shocked when he began losing weight!* “Gradually,” he said, “my body shape changed for the better. My skin tightened as the weight came off. Age spots went away. I felt well and looked good. People asked what I was doing. Some wanted to follow my example. And even today, my body shape keeps improving. I remain at my college weight, feel well, and work every day. I have never skipped a meal or felt deprived. Somehow, my body knows what is best. When I provide natural nutrients it takes care of me.”

Today, the Hughes consider themselves “nutsy” about the effectiveness of the Sunrider® products, saying “they’re our first choice for food, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids, oral hygiene, household care, skin care, cosmetics, and more…We have a total Sunrider home—good stuff in every room.”

Bill said, “With regained vitality, we sold our retirement condo and moved to a five bedroom home, where we entertain our family and Sunrider friends in style…It’s wonderful to be 78 and feel 38. Our friends are in their mid-40s and 50s and think we are their age! Living is fun again. We feel well, look good, and are healthy, with money from our Sunrider income to enjoy it!”

* In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical.

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