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Dennis & Pam Klepps (Why I Love Sunrider)

We love to walk and have incorporated it into our daily routine for nearly 12 years. At the time we were introduced to Sunrider we were experiencing the many aches and pains of aging. I remember having to push myself out the door because I knew that I would have no energy left for anything else the rest of the day.

Five years ago, I learned of the Philosophy of Regeneration® and about what nourishing, cleansing, and bringing the body into balance can do. We were both turning 60 and we began eating the Sunrider® basic foundation foods of NuPlus®, Quinary®, and Calli® and Fortune Delight®. Over time, we’ve enjoyed the benefits of many more Sunrider® products such as Top®, Joi®, Ese®, and SportCaps® along with MetaShaper®, MetaBooster®, and SunBars. We have lost weight and inches by including these incredible foods into our regular diet. Dennis has dropped 80 lbs. and I have lost 35 lbs.; we are able to maintain that by being consistent with our Sunrider® foods every day.

We have so much energy and stamina and look forward to each and every day of living life to the fullest! Thank you Sunrider!

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