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Sunrider Israel Opens Second Flagship Store
April 9, 2013, was a special day for Sunrider Israel—the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of its second flagship store. Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen, founders of Sunrider International, arrived in Israel especially for this milestone occasion and officially presided over the events.

The new flagship store stands out for its impressive beauty and spectacular design and is advantageously located in Kiryat Bialik, on the main avenue of the popular Kiryon Shopping Mall. The layout of the store’s gleaming interior enables visitors to learn more about Sunrider and its exclusive products, including its herbal-based foods, beverages, supplements, home care products, and skin care and cosmetics, all made with the finest all-natural ingredients.

Knowledgeable and friendly store staff encourage visitors to experience the superior quality of Sunrider® products, which are specially formulated to enhance health, beauty, and vitality. The store also has a comfortable lounge area where Independent Business Owners (IBOs) can conduct meetings and learn more in-depth about Sunrider’s product lines and business opportunity.

Sunrider Israel began operations in 1993, and has since attracted thousands of IBOs and satisfied customers. It opened its first flagship store in September 2011, in Tel Aviv, and the store’s success paved the way for the opening of the second, which will serve to further promote the Sunrider brand and support the needs of customers and current and prospective Sunrider business owners throughout the region.

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