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IBO Grand Convention Cruise—“Transform Your Life”
June 19–30, 2013

Over 500 Sunrider IBOs and their family members took part in this fabulous 12-day Grand Convention Cruise. They discovered the wonders of Scandinavia, Russia, and the Baltics while voyaging on the magnificent cruise ship Vision of the Seas. From the glorious spires and iconic cathedrals of St. Petersburg to the fairytale village of Riga and the idyllic waterfront of Stockholm, they experienced the inspiring sights of these breathtaking regions. This once-in-a-lifetime trip also included stops in Berlin, Germany; Tallinn, Estonia; Visby, Sweden; and Helsinki, Finland.

Not only did Sunriders tour historic landmarks, explore famous cities, and enjoy shopping and local cuisine, they also participated in onboard workshops and seminars to hone their business skills. Training included Reuben K. Chen, MD, introducing the SunFit® program, which combines his Fitness Brigade™ workouts with the nutrition of the SunFit® Pack. Throughout the cruise, Reuben led Fitness Brigade™ workouts, which were very popular with IBOs of all ages. Used as an introduction to the business opportunity, the SunFit® program will be a sure way to improve fitness levels and business building.

Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen emphasized the need to focus on business and they invited Business Leaders to share their keys to success. Wendy Teng and Jonathan Chen revealed the exciting developments in new marketing tools, IBO websites, and iStore, all of which aim to streamline business and boost bottom line results. Julie McLewee conducted a Kandesn® Workshop and provided expert skin care and beauty tips, along with product demonstrations and makeovers. Together with Sunrider staff, Sunny Beutler ensured that the meetings, tours, and workshops ran smoothly and professionally.

Sunriders were thrilled to sample and learn more about breakthrough health and beauty products such as SunTrim® Plus, Dr. Chen® Venom Cream, and Kandesn® Facial Sparkle, which are already creating a sensation and poised to be top-selling products.

Sunrider conventions are always about fun, learning, and togetherness, but each one has a distinct message at its heart. And for the IBOs taking part in this convention, the meaning of this year’s message, “Transform Your Life,” resonated with them: Sunrider provides an extraordinary opportunity to achieve your lifestyle dreams, enjoying and sharing a life of health, beauty, and prosperity.

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