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ABO Grand Convention Cruise—“Transform Your Life”
July 28–August 9, 2013

More than 250 ABOs and family members from China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan embarked on an unforgettable 12–day cruise of the Mediterranean and Greek Isles. Departing from Barcelona, Spain, the cruise liner Celebrity Equinox transported Sunriders in luxurious style to dream destinations Rome and Naples, Italy, and then on to the captivating Greek Isles of Santorini and Mykonos, and to Athens, where the classical world of Plato and Aristotle lives on in the sprawling modern-day metropolis. The voyage continued with visits to Ephesus, Turkey, and Valletta, the capital of Malta, renowned for its rugged beauty and Crusader history.

The attendees also got down to business aboard the ship, taking part in dynamic workshops and general sessions. Some of the highlights included learning from Drs. Chen, working out at fitness-focused SunFit® workshops with Reuben Chen, MD, and participating in seminars to learn how to launch new stores, market Sunrider® products, and attract new customers. Top business leaders also shared success stories and business tips, and attendees were able to enjoy fellowship and make new friends with Sunriders from around the world.

“Transform Your Life” was chosen as this year’s theme because that’s what Sunrider is all about—helping people make life-elevating changes. From creating a better lifestyle to enjoying improved health, fitness, and beauty, Sunrider provides the vehicle to achieve your goals. And the 2013 convention brought the theme to life, helping attendees turn their dreams into reality while enjoying an amazing journey.

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