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Sunrider Hosts Holiday Luncheon for Women of the Diplomatic Corps
On Friday, December 6, 2013, Sunrider International hosted the annual holiday luncheon of the Los Angeles Consular Corps Ladies Association, an active group that regularly meets to discuss world affairs and international women’s issues and promote international goodwill and mutual understanding. The group’s president, Mrs.Jan Ippolito, expressed her thanks to Dr. Oi-Lin Chen and Ms. Sunny Beutler for hosting the event at Sunrider World Headquarters.

With over 60 countries represented at the event, it was an opportunity to showcase Sunrider’s story and worldwide efforts to an audience of influential members of the diplomatic community. Sunrider’s Vice President for International Operations, Ms. Sunny Beutler, told the group that it was "a great honor to host such a diverse and prominent group of women who represent many different countries and cultures.” Given the company’s extensive global reach, the international group appreciated Sunrider’s global focus that is so clearly evident throughout the headquarters.

Musical entertainment was provided by the Bateman family and Clarke Ashton. Ms. Lynn Bateman is the director for the Interfaith Choir of the South Bay, an inter-religious musical organization based in Torrance, California. Also in attendance was Chelsie Hightower, one of the most acclaimed ballroom dancers in the United States. Ms. Hightower met with many of the diplomats and shared her experiences as a professional dancer, in particular on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars program. Also, prior to the luncheon, the entire delegation received a guided tour through the Chen Art Gallery.

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