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Sunrider Support Helps Hispanic Students Pursue Higher Education
In February 2014, Sunrider International was proud to sponsor the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s annual Casino Night fundraiser. This event supports the Chamber Education Foundation to help raise funds for deserving high school and college students. The thousands of dollars raised will enable students from the community to pay for higher education.

Sunrider is proud to be a member of the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and, as a partner, to strengthen the Hispanic community by engaging in activities that will benefit Hispanic youth in the region. “It is a real honor for Sunrider to be able to work on behalf of Southern California students from all communities,” says Sunny Beutler, Sunrider’s Director of International Operations. “As a global company, we are interested in collaborating with diverse communities—both internationally and also near our headquarters in Southern California.”

Sunrider’s support for this event is one example of the company’s overall commitment to contributing to the communities in which we work.

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