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Sunrider International Spotlighted in Direct Selling News
Sunrider International was featured in the April 2014 edition of Direct Selling News (DSN) in the “Company Spotlight” section. The article, “Sunrider International: Perpetual Balance,” highlights the remarkable success story of the company that introduced the world to “products that balance Western science with the holistic principles of the East.” The author describes how Sunrider continues to evolve under the skillful guidance of its founders, Drs. Tei-Fu & Oi-Lin Chen. Included are insightful quotes from their children, who represent the next generation of leadership and who “bring valuable layers of expertise to the family-owned and family-run business.”

The in-depth feature brings to light how the previously product-driven nature of Sunrider is being reshaped to create a balance of Sunrider’s exceptional products with its rewarding business opportunity. Drs. Chen believe that by doing so, the company can help more people bring health, beauty, and prosperity to their families. “We want to make sure our products are excellent—the best of the best—and we want to make sure that our business plan is fair and exciting,” Dr. Tei-Fu Chen says.

The article also describes how a recent simplification of the company’s business and compensation plans, as well as a new online training program and the expansion of social media and other technologies, are important first steps to achieving the balance Sunrider seeks. And to pave the way for continuing success, Sunrider’s bold transformation is equipping current Sunriders with “the tools they need to effectively promote the company’s new, straightforward business plan and recruit a younger generation of distributors.”

Direct Selling News is a full-color monthly business magazine focusing on the multilevel marketing industry. For the complete online version of the article, click here.

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