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2014 Sunrider IBO Grand Convention—Rejuvenate with Sunrider
Held in Anaheim, California, at the iconic Disneyland Hotel, July 8–12, the 2014 Grand Convention marked 32 years of Sunrider stability and clearly demonstrated how the company is now set to achieve even greater growth. The IBOs who traveled from near and far to attend were inspired by the passion, vision, and drive of the entire Chen family, who each played active roles in delivering a life-shaping convention experience.

The event week began with tours of Sunrider’s gleaming landmark, Sunrider World Headquarters, which now includes the SunLiving Health & Wellness® Clinic, where Dr. Reuben Chen conducts weight-loss and exercise programs and performs beauty treatments. Visitors also toured the ultramodern Los Angeles Manufacturing Plants and were treated to samples of a new SunBar® flavor currently in development. They also enjoyed a guided tour of the recently remodeled Chen Art Gallery, which boasts a new modern sketching exhibit.

Friday’s program featured workshops in the morning and afternoon. The Kandesn Sales Training Workshop, conducted by Julie McLewee, introduced Dr. Oi-Lin Chen’s new Kandesn Anti-Aging Program—“Four-weeks to looking ten years younger,” designed to leverage Sunrider’s supreme skin care regimen into a beautiful business opportunity.

Dr. Reuben Chen, a.k.a. “Dr. C,” led workshops centered on health, fitness, and anti-aging, highlighting the powerful new SunFit™ Program with its built-in turnkey business opportunity. He recognized the brand-new SunFit™ Advisors and SunFit™ Trainers, who received the training and knowledge to run a rewarding business helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

In his Increasing Sales & Business Training Workshop, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen introduced a sleek new opportunity presentation that expertly melds graphics and text to convey compelling reasons to join Sunrider, while illustrating “the Sunrider Difference.” As Dr. Chen said during his presentation, “The number one product we sell is the opportunity to help people achieve financial freedom and live their dreams.”

Saturday’s General Sessions were filled with exciting developments. Eric Chen began the morning session by introducing the new “Sunrider Brand Video,” which vividly captures the aspirational attraction of the Sunrider lifestyle. Eric then welcomed his father, Dr. Chen, onstage, who led off with an opportunity video that demonstrates how “Sunrider can help you achieve your goals like no other company can.” Dr. Chen also shared his expert knowledge about Sunrider’s highly effective weight-management products such as SunTrim® Plus, SunBar®, Fortune Delight®, and VitaShake®.

Mrs. Chen joined Dr. Chen onstage to talk about the new Kandesn Anti-Aging Program. She shared information about how Sunrider’s skin care and nutritional products combine to create health and beauty from the outside as well as the inside. She also introduced three highly successful Business Leaders to share insights about leadership and other attributes that are key to developing a thriving Sunrider business.

Sunny Beutler updated attendees with Sunrider’s worldwide philanthropic activities, as well as Sunrider’s ambitious undertaking to expand its reach and influence in the social media realm. A photo booth set up outside the meeting rooms, free of charge and with whimsical props, also provided attendees with a fun opportunity to share onsite photos with their social media friends.

Jonathan Chen presented exciting developments from Sunrider’s dynamic Information Technology division, including the upcoming rollout of revamped IBO website pages. Customizable content, enhanced mobile device compatibility, and “the ability to create a professional website in minutes” are all features IBOs can look forward to using soon.

Wendy Teng talked about how having the “right tools for the right job” makes all the difference. The impressive “toolbox” of skill-sharpening, business-building materials now includes a new Business Opportunity Brochure, Product Brochure, SunFit™ Program Brochure, Sunrider Brand Video, Opportunity Meeting Presentation, and many others.

During the afternoon session, Dr. C presented more details about the 90-day SunFit™ Program in preparation of the program’s global launch. To back up her claim that “anyone can do the SunFit™ Program!” Mrs. Chen led the audience in a calorie-blasting, high-energy SunFit™ session that got the audience on their feet and exercising.

Dr. C also announced the SunFit™ Weight-Loss Challenge, a 90-day fitness contest open to IBOs. The grand prize includes a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles, a Kandesn® Hollywood-style makeover and photoshoot, an invitation to a VIP event, and much more.

Sunny Beutler introduced the Sunrider University, a brand-new training website with new presentations, videos, marketing tools, and training modules.

The crowning event of an exhilarating convention week, Gala Evening provided a fabulous finale of dining, dancing, and dazzling entertainment. Regaled and rejuvenated, attendees felt the camaraderie and spirit that only a global gathering of Sunriders can create. The entire Chen family would like to thank all the IBOs whose participation and enthusiasm helped make this year’s convention so special.

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