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Sunrider Employees Participate in SunFit® Program Training
What’s the best way to learn about the new SunFit® Program? Take a class conducted by the originator who developed it—Reuben K. Chen, MD, also known as “Dr. C.” And that’s just what 11 enthusiastic Sunrider employees were able to do last month, switching their workstations and computers for exercise mats and water bottles. The training, which was modeled on the SunFit® Advisor certification workshop, was held in the fully equipped fitness room of the SunLiving Health & Wellness® Center, located on the premises of Sunrider World Headquarters.

The training session, which ran from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, afforded Sunrider staff from various departments the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of the SunFit® Program, including its holistic fitness principles and built-in turnkey business opportunity. By providing training like this to Sunrider employees, Dr. C believes they will be able to provide even better service and support to prospective participants and IBOs interested in learning more about the SunFit® Program.

The training was truly “hands-on,” as Dr. C and SunFit® Fitness Coordinator Martha Wilkins led the participants through a sampling of the Fitness Brigade™ DVD workouts, including high-energy conditioning and resistance exercises to build stamina and strength while blasting calories. The participants also completed a fitness assessment by performing pushups, sit-ups, and burpees, and learned how to take body measurements to gauge “before and after” results of the 90-day program. Along with exercises, the participants learned how to implement a simple weekly meetings strategy with potential IBOs to boost recruitment and encourage retention. To round out the training, Dr. C guided participants through the foundation of the SunFit® Program—the Five Elements of Fitness—and he led role-playing scenarios designed to sharpen approach skills.

Besides having fun and getting an amazing workout, by directly experiencing the program, the participants gained a deepened understanding and appreciation of the SunFit® Program and how it can transform one’s life physically, socially, and financially. Dr. C encourages everyone to take advantage of the powerful SunFit® Program and use it to transform their life and the lives of others. www.sunfit.com

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