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Drs. Chen Hold Special Meeting in Hong Kong
Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen recently traveled to Hong Kong to conduct a special meeting, held at the Sunrider Hong Kong office on April 11. Nearly 100 IBOs and prospects attended the meeting, all of whom were excited about the opportunity to learn firsthand from Drs. Chen about how to achieve big success with Sunrider’s new business plan.

Mrs. Chen started the meeting by encouraging everyone to share the new business plan with as many people as possible. She prepared a PowerPoint presentation illustrating how the business plan helps people earn big money quickly and enjoy a revitalized life of health and prosperity. She emphasized how income potential with Sunrider is unlimited—how much you make is up to you. She encouraged attendees to save the business opportunity presentation on their cell phones and share it with everyone, whenever and wherever possible.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen went on the stage next and asked the attendees if they brought new people. The collective reply was a resounding, “Yes!” Because the key to making big money with the Sunrider business plan is attracting and keeping new people, those who brought new people will have a greater chance for success. He urged IBOs to never miss a chance to share the business plan, and he explained how to “break the ice” when introducing the opportunity to new people. He said the key is to take the initiative and be proactive. The more Business Leaders you develop, the more bonuses you make, and the bonus rewards are unlimited.

Dr. Chen said Sunrider offers a rewarding turnkey business opportunity, but the key is to share it every day with people who think the same as you (success driven and goal oriented). You can tell if the person is interested or not just by talking with him/her for about three minutes. There’s no need to spend too much time on someone who isn’t on the same page with you. Dr. Chen encouraged everyone to sharpen their communication skills: The more you practice and interact with people, the more confidence and effectiveness you’ll gain in your speaking.

Dr. Chen talked about how Sunrider’s exceptional array of herbal products are of the highest quality and provide the best benefits and value. He also encouraged everyone to make full use of Sunrider’s rewarding business plan, focusing on the money-making opportunity and developing new Business Leaders. The meeting left attendees filled with renewed confidence and determined to take advantage of the new business plan with its unlimited earning potential.

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