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2016 Grand Convention—Innovate with Sunrider
The 2016 Sunrider Grand Convention was held July 25–30, in Long Beach, California, a city known for its sunny skies, ocean vistas, and vibrant cityscape. Nearly a thousand ABOs and IBOs traveled from from around the world to come together as ONE to “Innovate with Sunrider.”

The convention week dawned for ABOs and IBOs alike with dynamic SunFit® workouts that introduced the participants to accessible new routines, ranging from partner workouts and dance to pilates and meditation. Wednesday featured all-day Learning Sessions designed for the respective needs of ABOs and IBOs.

ABOs learned from Sunrider President and Co-Founder Dr. Oi-Lin Chen on how to lead by example, grow their business, and overcome challenges. During the IBO Learning Session, Dr. Reuben Chen talked about how he overcame the rigorous challenges of medical school by focusing on his dream and adapting personal development techniques. He asked Sunriders everywhere to join him in his goal of taking Sunrider from good to great: “My goal is to make Sunrider awesome, and the way to do this is to make our IBOs awesome.”

Craig Holiday, Sunrider’s new business development consultant, talked about the importance of self-belief, and how “the less we worry about the past, the more we are able to move forward.” Craig also recognized each member of his “Sunrider Team,” who were given the opportunity to express how they are “fully dedicated to support Sunriders in every way.”

Eric Chen talked about the new VitaShake® formula, powered by rice protein and sweetened with stevia instead of fructose. Eric also talked about the new paraben- and talc-free cosmetics and skin care products, including the brand-new Kandesn® Contouring Palette and Kandesn® Moisturizing Lip Colors.

Wendy Teng talked about the new Product Fact Sheets, which provide detailed and comprehensive information for every Sunrider® product. Dr. Tei-Fu Chen talked about the need to change our mindset and to communicate the power of Sunrider’s business opportunity. He also talked about how he remains committed to create products that promote health and longevity.

The Sunrider Star Celebration was held Wednesday evening at the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. This invite-only formal affair rewarded Sunrider’s elite business leaders with a lavish evening of fine dining and dancing at the Chen family’s five-star luxury hotel.

Thursday kicked off with tours of Sunrider World Headquarters and the Los Angeles Manufacturing Plant, giving attendees the opportunity get an upclose look at these Sunrider landmarks. The headquarters tour featured a visit to the SunLiving® Health & Wellness clinic, home of Dr. Reuben Chen’s SunFit® Training and first-class spa and beauty services. Attendees also toured the Chen Art Gallery, where they were able to see priceless Chinese antiquities, along with new collections showcasing ornate European clocks, rare etchings by Picasso, and colorful prints by Matisse.

Sunrider’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant also served as the site for the Product Experience Arena, where attendees had the opportunity to put Sunrider® products to the test like never before. They were excited to visit the numerous booths, each manned by experienced Sunrider leaders who expertly demonstrated the products while describing their benefits.

Friday began with the General Session, held at the classically elegant Long Beach Terrace Theater. Jonathan Chen, welcomed Sunriders and thanked them for traveling from near and far to be part of this annual event. After the Chen family was introduced on stage, Wendy Teng interviewed Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, asking her questions about her remarkable life. Mrs. Chen described the love, devotion, and challenges that go into running Sunrider, and the all-important role that family plays in her life.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen gave a compelling talk about developing the right mindset for entrepreneurship. “Success starts with the right mindset; with the right mindset you can do anything.” He also talked about about Sunrider’s ceaseless effort to develop better and better formulas, “Our products are becoming more and more concentrated. We’re here to make sure that every product we make benefits your body.”

Dr. Reuben Chen talked about the importance of maintaining fitness and health, while introducing his new short-workout fitness series. He also invited a participant of the SunFit® 90-day Challenge on stage to talk about his fitness journey. After that, Alec Musser, actor, fitness model, and the instructor on the Fitness Brigade® DVD series, got the audience on their feet and moving with a lively series of exercises.

Sunny Beutler introduced “the man known as the life-changer,” Craig Holiday, who talked about “Leadership and the Mindset of a Leader.” He emphasized the importance of having a purpose that goes beyond money—that of helping others: “When your business goes from your head to your heart you’ll be successful.”

Eric Chen announced the grand prize winner of the “Why I love Sunrider” contest, who was awarded an iPad Air 2 on stage. The eight winners of the Leadership Challenge were also recognized, with each receiving an oversized $10,000 check and the opportunity to talk about what motivated them to win this exciting bonus.

The General Session ended with the Chen family’s “Call to Action,” inspiring everyone to do their all to continually improve and grow by making positive daily changes. Spreading the Sunrider opportunity is also key, as Dr. Reuben said, “Turn everyday interactions into Sunrider interactions.”

The Gala Evening on Friday crowned a fabulous week. A sumptuous dinner was followed by a special evening of live entertainment featuring a Beatles tribute band. Everyone left with unforgettable memories, enriched with knowledge and new friends, and empowered by bold new thinking: Work together with each other and Sunrider to create something POWERFUL, something LIFE-CHANGING.

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