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Dr. Chen Special Meeting, Budapest, Hungary
Sunrider founder, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, conducted a special meeting in Budapest, Hungary, in November 2016. This meeting was held in conjunction with Sunrider Hungary’s monthly event, “Sunrider Academy,” and attracted 130 IBOs and their guests. Many of the attendees included new IBOs and people returning to Sunrider to restart their business.

Dr. Chen talked about the products from a business perspective, including how to use them to promote and expand one’s business. His presentation was very well received and created a lot of excitement. Eric Chen, operations director of Sunrider Manufacturing, talked in detail about the company’s innovative approach to product development and manufacturing, providing fresh, revealing insights about the painstaking processes that go into creating the world’s best herbal products.

The meeting generated immense positive feedback, and preparations are already underway for even larger meetings in the months to come.

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