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Sunrider London Leadership Retreat
The Sunrider Europe Special Meeting brought together over 50 Independent Business Owners (IBOs) from Austria, Holland, Hungary, Israel, Russia, and the United Kingdom, who were welcomed to St Ermin's Hotel, located in the heart of Westminster, just around the corner from the Houses of Parliament and the famous Big Ben. This luxurious hotel was the perfect setting for a fabulous weekend of fun, learning, recognition, and making new friends.

The Love, Share & Lead business-building workshops, held Saturday, February 10, were full of energy and provided tips to help everyone take their business to a new level. Wendy Teng (ably assisted by her seven-year-old son) conducted product demonstrations in a way that underscored how simple and easy it can be to share Sunrider® products with new people.

In between training sessions, IBOs sat down for a delicious lunch, and they enjoyed lots of Calli® Tea, Fortune Delight®, and conversation during refreshment breaks. Leadership training included recognizing the success of IBOs who advanced in rank, and attendees set new goals for themselves, such as earning a free trip to the 2018 Grand Convention and sharing the Sunrider opportunity with more people than ever.

The following day was filled with sunshine, providing the perfect weather for a sightseeing tour of London in a classic double-decker bus. The tour included many historic landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and Kensington Palace, a traditional residence for British royalty, and where lots of laughter ensued when IBOs dressed up in royal style for photos.

The Leadership Retreat’s perfect blend of business and pleasure resulted in an unforgettable weekend, made even more special by the amazing IBOs, who left revitalized by the energy that comes with camaraderie, and enriched with new knowledge and experiences.

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