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30th Anniversary Grand Convention—Just the Beginning
Sunrider’s 30th anniversary Grand Convention celebrated three decades of company history, delivering a dynamic program that communicated not only how far Sunrider has come, but also where it’s headed next. Held in Long Beach, California, August 15–18, the convention attracted nearly one thousand Sunriders from around the world who charged the atmosphere with their collective energy and passion for sharing a life of health, beauty, and prosperity.

The event week began with tours of the Sunrider World Headquarters and the state-of-the-art Los Angeles Manufacturing Facilities, where attendees gained a deeper appreciation of Sunrider’s complex operations and investment in their future. Attendees also experienced the grandeur and beauty of Chinese art and culture by touring the newly expanded Chen Art Gallery.

Drs. Tei-Fu & Oi-Lin Chen presided over the events, supported by their children, Wendy, Reuben, Sunny, Eric, and Jonathan, who are carrying on the Sunrider tradition of family-owner expertise with key management roles in the company. They were all deeply involved in the planning and execution of this remarkable event. The vision, unity, and leadership displayed by the entire Chen family reaffirmed the belief in attendees that Sunrider is the best business for today and tomorrow. Top ABO and IBO Business Leaders from around the world also shared a wealth of business advice and inspired everyone with their personal testimonies to the life-changing power of Sunrider.

The workshops had something for everyone, offering a wide selection of topics covering ABO store management, business building, product promotion, Kandesn® skin care and beauty tips, and fitness and health. Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen personally conducted workshops discussing sales strategies and introducing new products. A medical expert in physical medicine, Reuben Chen, MD, presented the new Vitalite® Program, and together with fitness professionals, he wrapped up his session by conducting a high-energy workout that got everyone moving. In the IBO Business Workshop, Wendy Teng and Jonathan Chen shared developments in new marketing tools, IBO pages, and Shop Online to support IBOs.

During the general sessions, a captivating multimedia presentation of photos and videos chronicled the “Sunrider Journey” from past to present. Herbal products are the heart of Sunrider, and attendees were thrilled to listen to Dr. Chen talk about about new products, including SunTrim® Plus, SunBar® Oatmeal Raisin, age-defying skin care formulas, and the reformulated Sunrider VitaFruit®.

A glittering Gala Show crowned the convention, and in the style of Cirque du Soleil the entertainment featured a spectacular fusion of “East Meets West” performances, including acrobatic acts, dance, comedy, and music that brought wonder and delight to the audience. The show concluded with the entire extended Chen family onstage, celebrating the end of an amazing convention and the start of a whole new beginning.

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