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Sunrider Launches Special New Skin Care Products in Korea
The following feature is based on a translation of a news release issued by Sunrider Korea. The original article can be viewed on the Korean online news outlets listed at the bottom.

Sunrider International, a global health and beauty franchise company, released Dr. Chen® Youth Emulsion and Dr. Chen® Youth Masque to the Korean market on October 28, 2013.

According to a Sunrider Korea representative, Dr. Chen® Youth Emulsion is referred to as “Baby face cream” for its skin-softening benefits. It’s formulated with stem cell extracts that help restore skin to a more youthful appearance and protect against environmental damage, stress, and the effects of time that can damage skin cells. This product can be used during day and night and makes a great addition to any skin care regimen.

Dr. Chen® Youth Masque works wonders on all skin types. Formulated with ingredients that include shea butter and vegetable-origin squalane, it delivers potent herbal botanicals to the upper layers of the epidermis. By locking in moisture, it leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple. If more hydration is required, it can be used twice a day, including before going to bed.

A Sunrider Korea representative had this to say, “Our cosmetic and skin care lines use only the finest herbal extracts and other plant-based ingredients [no animal-derived proteins/oils or petroleum byproducts such as mineral oil are used], including vegetable-origin squalane. Our formulations help maintain a healthy pH level in the skin while allowing the pores to breathe, in addition to providing beneficial antioxidant effects.”

Sunrider International was established in 1982, in the USA, and has since developed health and beauty franchises around world. Guided by owner expertise, they research and develop a wide range of safe, effective herbal-based products and self-manufacture according to highest standards of quality control.

You can purchase these new Sunrider® skin care products and other healthy living products from franchises nationwide or Sunrider websites: Korea:, Global:

The original Korean news release can be viewed on these websites:

Hankook Economy:
Seoul Economy:

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