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Sunrider Serves as Host Site for Cancer Prevention Study
On Monday, November 18, representatives from the American Cancer Society, Dr. Ricardo Reznichek, Community Leadership Council Chair, and Tameka Payne, Senior Representative, Community Engagement, presented an award of appreciation to Jonathan Beutler, representing Sunrider International, for the company’s participation as a host site for the Cancer Prevention Study-3.

Over the past six years, the American Cancer Society has been enrolling volunteers from the community in this nationwide study that will seek to understand the link between genetics, environment, lifestyle, and behavioral factors, and how they contribute to the causes of cancer.

On November 6, employees from Sunrider and members of the local community came together to enroll in the study. The Sunrider host site had an impressive 71 participants join 300,000 people across the nation to be part of this historic opportunity. Through this unique collaborative effort, Sunrider has contributed to the Society's mission to “create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.”

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