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Sunrider Shows Star Appeal during the Sundance Film Festival
Every January, the annual Sundance Film Festival attracts tens of thousands of actors, filmmakers, and fans to the beautiful snow-covered mountains of Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah. This year, for the first time ever, Sunrider also took part in the exciting action during the 2014 festival.

Because of Park City’s high altitude and harsh winter conditions in January, combined with the demands of a busy event schedule, Sunrider wanted to help the many VIP visitors feel healthy and comfortable during the festival with a Sunrider “survival kit.” Each kit contained Sunrider® products such as Fortune Delight® (to help cleanse), Sunrise® (for energy), SunBar® (for snacking), and lip balm and lotion (for the dryness), among other great items.

Sunrider had a strong presence and gained a lot of positive exposure during Sundance. Sunrider was an official sponsor of the Huffington Post’s interview lounge, which was bustling with countless actors and filmmakers, most of whom stopped by the Sunrider Tea & Beverage Lounge to enjoy some Calli®, Fortune Delight®, Evergreen®, SunBars, and other Sunrider® products. Additionally, Sunrider was the exclusive provider of tea and herbal beverages at the IndieWire lounge, where many actors from festival films stopped for photo shoots. The whole experience was very positive and served as an opportunity to showcase Sunrider’s line of high-quality nutritional products to key people in the entertainment industry.

Sunrider was also a major sponsor of this year’s ChefDance, which ran during the Sundance Film Festival. ChefDance is an annual event that features a series of nightly dinners prepared by celebrity chefs from around the United States. As a sponsor, Sunrider was recognized prominently each night and most event guests enjoyed Calli® and Fortune Delight®.

Sunrider looks forward to participating in future Sundance Film Festivals and similar events to boost brand recognition and introduce more people to its world-class products.

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