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2014 Sunrider ABO Grand Convention—Rejuvenate with Sunrider
Wednesday, July 23 through Tuesday, July 29, 2014, Sunrider ABOs from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore excitedly convened on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu to partake in the highly anticipated 2014 Sunrider Grand Convention. Held at the scenic, tropical Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu, ABOs enjoyed idyllic island excursions, took part in invaluable information-filled meetings presented by different members of the highly motivating Chen family, feasted on delicious, exotic food, and basked in everything from sand to sea. Then, it was off to sunny Los Angeles, California, home of Sunrider’s iconic international headquarters, where ABOs toured the mind-blowing, ultra-high-tech Los Angeles plant and the impressive and recently renovated Chen Art Gallery─home to a new Picasso Vollard Suite exhibit.

To kick off the event, Chinese ABOs stepped it up and sweated it out early Wednesday morning with Dr. Reuben Chen’s, a. k. a. “Dr. C’s,” SunFit™ Health & Fitness Workshop where he discussed the Five Elements of Fitness based on Sunrider’s proprietary Philosophy of Regeneration®. Jonathan Chen was on-hand to assist Dr. “C” with his ABO-packed workshops and helped lead all those “not-for-the-faint-of heart” SunFit™ fitness classes.

Sunrider’s Director of International Business Operations, Sunny Beutler, led off the afternoon’s meetings by introducing the new brand videos. Dr. Chen discussed new business and new product information with his always inspiring presentation of “How to Grow Your Business,” replete with essential tips and indispensable how-to tips. Mrs. Chen gave a “skin-sational” sneak peek into the upcoming, progressive Kandesn Anti-Aging Program.

The second of day of celebrating Sunrider stability and success began with an all-day field trip to Hawaii’s renowned Polynesian Cultural Center, where Drs. Chen were personally thanked by Brigham Young University-Hawaii students for their generous philanthropic sponsorship of over 600 students from China.

Mrs. Chen led off a sunny Saturday afternoon discussing the launch of the new China website, ABO training procedures, and two much-anticipated upcoming Sunrider® products: the fitness-friendly Fit 8™ and the revolutionary anti-aging miracle cream, V3.

The last full day of summer, sand, and sea─Hawaiian-style─ gave way to an optional Big Island retreat where ABOs toured the island’s vastly majestic recreational parks and went on fun sightseeing ventures led by both Korean- and Chinese-speaking guides.

On Tuesday, it was back to another motivating, early morning SunFit™ workout at the DoubleTree Hotel in Torrance, California, with Dr. C and SunLiving’s indomitable Martha. Then, it was back to Sunrider World Headquarters for an afternoon of award recognition, success stories, and motivational lectures given by the Chens. Eric Chen opened the festivities with a warm welcome, recapping the memorable 2013 Sunrider Grand Convention Cruise of last year as well as the events that took place in Hawaii. He reminded us why Sunrider is “Simply the Best™” by sharing Sunrider’s most recent prestigious recognitions. Eric expanded on the power of duplication as it applies to being a successful Sunrider ABO and what lies in the year ahead for Sunrider.

Jonathan Chen took to the mic to talk about the in-store features and new functionality designed for management and daily mall reporting. He explained that safer, more secure electronic measures will be implemented in the near future, such as nightly automatic backups, software updating, diagnostic health checks, and automatic reorders. Jonathan also gave some foreshadowing into new country business developments.

Sunny Beutler discussed the future implementation of social media strategies, including a comprehensive overview and visual navigation of the main features of the new China social media site,

Mrs. Chen took to the stage, briefly expanding on the new China website,and introducing compelling testimonials from the most successful ABOs, including two Golden Master winners from China. ABOs received samples of the newest Oi-Lin® Deep Moisture Lotion SPF 25 Sunscreen Light Tinted formulation─an ultra-sheer, guy-friendly version of the original. This newest sun-savvy edition is sure to make a splash with the fellas!

Feverishly awaiting ABOs who filled the Sunrider World Headquarters ballroom welcomed closing words from Dr. Chen. His talk focused on the extraction and formulation of Sunrider’s highly concentrated, consummate ingredients that make-up their unrivaled products, coupled with the power of self-manufacturing and owner expertise, which have combined to afford Sunrider’s unmatched success and continued stability. Dr. Chen explained that if you employ integrity and simplification, while offering the BEST products and the BEST service, everything will naturally fall into place and your business will thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

Another celebratory convention concluded with dinner in trendy, upscale Redondo Beach in the Cheesecake Factory’s spacious banquet rooms overlooking the vast Pacific. ABOs enjoyed heaping dishes from the restaurant’s world-famous menu while participating in a lucky draw. A number of ABOs got to bring home coveted Sunrider® products such as Dr. Chen® Secret Sauce, Kandesn® Sheer Silk Translucent Powder, Metabalance 44®, Oi-Lin® Sunmilk Sunscreen SPF 25, Vitaspray®, and the newest Sunrider addition, Fit 8™.

See you next year, savvy Sunriders! And always remember this thought from Dr. Chen, “Look to the Sun, not the shadow behind you.”

For more photos from the ABO Grand Convention, please visit our Facebook site.

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