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Sunrider and Future Stars Shine at ETTV Top Idol Event
A star is born! The final round of ETTV America’s Top Idol talent competition was held Saturday, August 30, at the Baldwin Park Performing Arts Center. Sunrider’s own Dr. Reuben Chen was a judge and also presented the grand prize of ten thousand dollars to the performer who came out on top among the ten finalists. The broadcast premiere of the finals was shown September 6, on ETTV America.

As the title sponsor of the program, Sunrider has enjoyed a high-profile presence throughout the competition, which took place in qualifying stages over several weeks at different venues in Southern California. Sunrider signage was displayed prominently on stage and a selection of Sunrider’s signature products was available for contestants and attendees. In addition to Dr. Reuben Chen’s involvement, Sunrider’s director of public affairs, Jonathan Beutler, also served as a guest judge and spoke onstage about Sunrider's breakthrough SunFit® Program.

ETTV America’s Top Idol event has devoted itself to providing an open stage for promising talent to shine in the USA since 2003. According to the ETTV website, “To Chinese American families, it has also served as the best medium for creating mutual topics for parent-child interaction opportunities. In other words, ETTV TOP IDOL is not merely a TV broadcasting talent search event, it has become the cultural phenomenon each year that attracts families’ focus in Chinese American communities.”

Sunrider is proud to be a part of this amazing event and it looks forward to fostering similar community partnerships in the future.

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