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Sunrider’s John Teng Dances (and Wins!) for Charity
Congratulations to John Teng and his professional ballroom dance partner, Stacey McKenzie! On February 7, 2015, they teamed up to win the coveted first-place glitter ball trophy for “Dancing with the South Bay Stars IV,” an annual charity event organized by the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation and held at the Torrance Armstrong Theater. The competition is modeled after the nationally televised “Dancing with the Stars” original television program, but in this event the “South Bay’s brightest stars” are paired with professional dancers to compete and raise funds and awareness for their favorite nonprofit organizations. Including John and Stacey, the competition showcased 12 dance pairs, with everyone dancing their hearts out for their chosen charities to a capacity-filled house.

Formerly serving as Sunrider International’s North American Sales Manager for eight years, John is now using his professional civil engineering license in his role as Sunrider’s World Real Estate Internal Auditor. Representing Sunrider, John selected Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M) as the charity that he wanted to support. A3M is a bone marrow recruitment center that helps patients with blood cancers, with a particular emphasis in reaching out to people of mixed ethnicities who have a more difficult time finding a genetic match for bone marrow transplants. John’s reasons for choosing A3M, which are very near and dear to his heart, are explained here:

John’s dancing experience prior to this competition was very limited, but he’s been an avid spectator of ballroom dancing for many years. Competing in and winning this year’s event not only helped raise a lot of money and public awareness for an invaluable nonprofit organization, but it also sparked a desire within John to continue to compete in the ballroom dancing world. In fact, five days after the charity competition, John and his dance partner Stacey were in an official ballroom dance competition, the “California Open,” and they earned another first-place medal.

After the charity event, in recognition of his accomplishment, John received a Certificate of Recognition from the California Legislature Assembly. An accompanying letter signed by Assemblyman David Hadley reads in part, “Your dedication to serving our community and raising money for charity is a worthy endeavor and it is my pleasure to present you with this award.”

Looking ahead, John plans to partner with his wife, Wendy, in ballroom dancing and he hopes to support “Dancing with the South Bay Stars” and similar charity events with his dancing in the years to come. Watch John and Stacey’s winning ballroom dance performance for charity here.

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