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2015 IBO Grand Convention—Ignite Success with Sunrider
Held June 24–27 on the Big Island of Hawaii, the 2015 Grand Convention featured an exciting program that enabled IBOs from around the world to Ignite Success with Sunrider. Along with attending meetings and events, attendees had ample time to bask on the sun-splashed beaches of the Kohala Coast, go on sightseeing tours, and enjoy the amenities of the luxurious destination hotel—the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.

Among the many convention highlights was the announcement of the $30,000 Leadership Challenge, which offers the opportunity for IBOs to win huge cash bonuses and a luxury vacation (including a three-night stay at a world-class Sunrider hotel) in Beverly Hills or London. Another example of how Sunrider lets you dream the life...and then live the dream!

Drs. Tei-Fu & Oi-Lin Chen, together with Wendy Teng, Dr. Reuben Chen, and Eric Chen, presented on a wide range of topics covering business and products. Dr. Chen shared his new opportunity presentation highlighting the lifestyle and income of doing a Sunrider business. Mrs. Chen and top IBO leaders advised how to attract and develop high-performing downline. To reach millennials, Wendy Teng emphasized using social media and digital tools. She also introduced Sunrider’s new mascots and the Sunrider Gear Store.

Eric Chen and Dr. Reuben Chen presented exciting developments in our products and packaging: Eric Chen unveiled the reformulation of VitaShake® with stevia, and Dr. Reuben Chen announced that products in the United States will now have GMO-free labeling.

Many IBOs took advantage of Dr. Reuben Chen’s SunFit® certification classes designed to leverage their passion for health and fitness into a booming business. The convention also launched new SunFit® workout routines—dance yoga and a family workout—during early morning sessions that got participants energized for the day.

To round out the program in Polynesian paradise, attendees were regaled with a lavish luau, Tahitian and Hawaiian dance performances, award recognition, and more. As the sun set on another fabulous convention, IBOs felt enriched and revitalized by the experience—with their passion to share the Sunrider opportunity reignited and burning brighter than ever.

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