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Sunrider Indonesia Purchases New Office Building in Jakarta, Indonesia
Sunrider Indonesia has been conducting business in Indonesia since 1993, and until last year it had been renting office space in an upscale part of Jakarta. However, with the continuous growth of its business, the demand for office space has grown. To meet that demand and to provide even better service for its Independent Business Owners (IBOs), the company decided it was time to purchase its own office building in Jakarta. Therefore, in November 2014, Sunrider Indonesia purchased two office building lots in Central Park, the most highly sought-after area in Jakarta. After renovating and preparing the new space, it relocated there in May 2015 to conduct its business.

Central Park is an exclusive mixed-use complex comprising an expansive, fashionable shopping mall, two office towers, a 5-star hotel, and several chic apartment buildings. The whole complex covers a land area of 655,000 m2 (more than 7 million sq. ft.) located in the heart of Jakarta. Sunrider Indonesia’s impressive new office building has four floors with a total floor area of 6,500 sq. ft. All the floors are connected by an elevator. The building itself is located on the main boulevard of the Central Park complex and very strategically located. Sunrider signboards and logos are prominently displayed at the main boulevard of the complex.

The first floor of the building is the lobby, where IBOs can place their purchase orders. On the second floor are two training rooms dedicated to IBO leaders who want to hold meetings or conduct presentations with their downlines. The building is large enough to accommodate future expansions.

IBOs in the country are very excited to see the new wholly owned Sunrider building and they plan to bring prospective IBOs to visit the new site and conduct training and opportunity meetings there. The new office building not only provides the facilities to further grow Sunrider business, but is also testimony to the company’s commitment to its IBOs, and clearly signifies that Sunrider is here to stay.

Garden Shopping Arcade
Blok C No. 9 AE - 9 AF
Central Park - Podomoro City
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat - 11470
Tel: +62 21 569 570 26
Fax: +62 21 569 570 25

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