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Dr. Tei-Fu Chen Conducts Special Training in Hong Kong
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen traveled to Hong Kong to conduct a special training held at the Sunrider Hong Kong office on June 18. More than 60 IBOs intent on skyrocketing their Sunrider business attended the event, all of whom were excited about the opportunity to learn firsthand from Dr. Chen about the Crucial Training Topics for Success.

Dr. Chen’s wide-ranging yet highly detailed talk included the topic of changing the mindset. He advised IBOs to view themselves as business owners (not salespersons), and their downlines as business partners. What unites them all is Sunrider’s powerful money-making opportunity.

The founder of Sunrider also covered approaching people, which included discussion of using compliments, indirect and direct styles, and the importance of keeping the encounter brief, “Never talk more than five minutes.” He gave examples from his own experiences during his global travels, sharing how he successfully used his techniques to initiate conversation, create interest, and obtain contact information.

Dr. Chen then transitioned into how to call and invite prospects to a meeting within 24 hours. He talked about how to explain Sunrider’s rewarding business plan, which is loaded with attractive bonuses and the potential for rapid and unlimited growth. To reinforce his ideas and hone their skills, Dr. Chen instructed attendees to practice with each other about how to explain the business plan, which led to a lively role-playing session.

He also explained how to follow up with downline after they’ve been sponsored, while underscoring the importance of accountability and support. This included how to skillfully guide downline through the steps involved with recruiting and staying positive, even in the face of rejection.

Dr. Chen also talked about how to teach people to switch brands and use Sunrider® products. To wrap up, he said it's vital to set your goal and then work toward it with determination: “You will succeed sooner or later, as long as you don't give up. Rome wasn't built in a day.”

After the meeting, attendees celebrated Father's Day with the “Father of Sunrider,” enjoying the chance to take photos and converse with him. Along with the good time, gained insights, and sharpened skills, the IBOs left with renewed confidence and purpose to achieve success with Sunrider.

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