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Dr. Chen Conducts Training in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines
Sunrider founder, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, traveled to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines in early October to conduct a two-day training session in each respective country. The first day focused on the Opportunity Presentation and was open to all IBOs and prospects. Dr. Chen discussed the “The 8 Crucial Training Principles” and exposed the hidden flaws in other marketing plans, while contrasting them with Sunrider’s marketing plan.

Dr. Chen also talked about products, including overhyped products such as gingko biloba, noni juice, and so-called “miracle creams.” He explained what differentiates Sunrider from other companies is owner expertise and superior quality, and he provided examples by detailing the benefits of various Sunrider® products, including VitaTaste®, SunBreeze®, and SunnyDew®.

Dr. Chen also talked about how products can provide the gateway to business success. He gave an example of how simply by switching brands from regular tea to Calli® or Fortune Delight®, you not only get superior antioxidant concentration, you can earn money too. He stressed that the key to success is sharing and talking about the products with as many people as possible.

Skin care lines were also covered, as he explained how Sunrider’s plant-based formulas outperform the competition, in terms of both health and beauty benefits. Attendees were thrilled to receive samples of Top®, which provides nutrients to support mental focus and clarity.* Dr. Chen concluded the first day by talking about business and Sunrider’s compensation plan, highlighting what makes it more rewarding than other plans.

The second day of the training delved deeper into business training and keys to develop a successful, sustainable business. Dr. Chen gave tips on how to approach prospects and get them excited about the Sunrider opportunity, and then attendees were able to practice his advice in mini-workshops. Attendees left Dr. Chen’s training empowered with knowledge and ready to take charge of their future with Sunrider.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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