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Special Meetings in London and Zurich with Dr. Chen
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, founder of Sunrider International, traveled to London, England, and Zurich, Switzerland, to conduct two special meetings. The programs focused on the best ways to grow a Sunrider business, including how to motivate and train downline and how to receive support and training from Sunrider.

The meeting in London was held November 8 at the Sunrider Western Europe office, located in Soho Square. A key message from Dr. Chen expressed how “no other company compares to Sunrider when it comes to the effectiveness and range of products. Most companies outsource product manufacturing and have limited or no control over product quality and safety.” He added, “There is no shortcut when it comes to manufacturing top-quality products; it’s all about expertise and concentration.”

Dr. Chen also answered questions from attendees about the health benefits of particular products. He then talked about his original mission that continues to drive the company forward today: “We really want to help people change their lives for the better. And my commitment is to make sure that Sunrider continues the Philosophy of Regeneration®.”

The meeting in Zurich was held November 10, at the Sheraton Zurich Hotel. The Independent Business Owners (IBOs) were thrilled to meet Dr. Chen and the newly appointed head of sales & marketing for Sunrider Western Europe, Steven Maoudis.

Steven began the meeting by talking about the serious health challenges that are prevalent around the world. He explained how unhealthy eating habits can impair our overall health and well-being, and can contribute to the risk of being obese or overweight and having heart disease. He explained how Sunrider’s natural, nutrient-dense products can help address these problems by supporting a healthy, balanced diet.

Dr. Chen explained that thousands of years ago the Chinese documented the health benefits of traditional herbal formulas. Sunrider has since elevated this ancient herbal wisdom by combining it with the company’s trade-secret processes of extracting and concentrating the pure essence of herbal nutrients. He said, “No other company has this technology, and Sunrider is committed to ensuring the success of its IBOs globally.”

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