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2018 Sunrider Bahamas Cruise
Sunrider IBOs from Canada and the United States were rewarded for their hard work and achievements with a 4-day dream cruise through the Bahamas. After boarding the Carnival Victory cruise ship on January 29, in Miami, Florida, they set sail on a voyage that would take them to the breathtaking destinations of Half Moon Cay and the capital city of Nassau.

The cruise ship provided an extraordinary onboard experience, including first-rate dining and a variety of entertainment and activities, where Sunriders were able to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

The first full day at sea started bright and early with a SunFit® workout led by Dr. Reuben Chen that left participants energized and ready to take on the day. Later that morning, he conducted a Leadership Meeting where he launched the 7 Days to Early Success Blueprint, a tool designed to help new recruits get off to a great start. He also covered the “Why Choose Sunrider?” website and Marketing Approach Plans (MAPs), while encouraging leaders to use and share these free, actionable tools to grow their business.

This meeting was followed by a larger meeting open to all IBOs, where Dr. Reuben Chen once again covered the important new marketing tools, highlighting how everyone should take advantage of them to streamline their approach to business and accelerate success. The day concluded with a Welcome Reception and a formal dinner, where Sunriders enjoyed gourmet dining and close-knit camaraderie.

Two excursion days filled with fun and adventure followed. IBOs explored the natural beauty and wonders of Half Moon Cay, a private island known for its stunning aquamarine seas and pristine, powder-like sand beaches. They also went to Nassau, swimming in its sapphire waters, visiting local attractions, and enjoying another sunny day in Caribbean paradise.

Sunrider cruises and conventions are always about fun, discovery, and togetherness, and this was no exception. IBOs now look forward to reuniting and Building Dreams Together at this year’s Grand Convention in Anaheim, California.

Watch highlight video here.

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