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2018 Sunrider Grand Convention—Building Dreams Together
The 2018 Sunrider Grand Convention was held July 31–August 4, in Anaheim and Torrance, California. Sunrider ABOs and IBOs traveled from around the world to build dreams together and get to the heart of what’s truly possible as entrepreneurs and life-changers.

On Wednesday, Sunrider’s top influencers kicked off the training sessions with the Leadership Seminar, where they shared priceless strategies on how to create more leaders (not more followers), how to help people live their dream (not to live in a dream), and how to inspire others through business and product testimonials and personal stories of triumph.

Thursday got rolling with tours of the Los Angeles Manufacturing Plant and Sunrider World Headquarters. Guests got an up-close look at Dr. Chen’s priceless collection of art and antiquities in the Chen Art Gallery, including an exhibition of newly acquired original artwork by Spanish artist Joan Miró, known as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

Sunriders also explored the Botanical Garden, a serene sanctuary complete with a koi pond and waterfall, a traditional Chinese gazebo, gleaming steel sculptures, a “living laboratory” greenhouse, and a lush landscape teeming with various herbs and prized plants.

Sunrider’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was also the site for the Product Experience Arena, where attendees played games for prizes, snapped selfies, snatched up special promo items, and received a button for going to all the boothes and sampling a range of tantalizing Sunrider® products—from new shakes and smart gummies to beauty serums and SunBars.

Sunriders rose with the sun on Friday for outdoor SunFit® workouts. The upbeat energy continued into the day with workshop sessions on important topics such as SunFit & Nutrition Training, Kandesn & Nutritional Beauty Training, Social Media for Network Marketing, Essential Opportunity Meeting Know-how, Prospecting, Boosting Your Income & Organization, and the Fast Start Program.

Rising to the challenge and saving the day are what Sunriders are all about, so “Heroes and Villains” was the perfect theme for an exclusive party held at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel. Caped and costumed Sunriders dined, danced, and let their Sunrider superpowers light up the night like never before.

Saturday’s General Session gave Sunriders a day full of learning, inspiration, and entertainment. The “Building Dreams Together” message drove the program, and each member of the Chen family talked on stage about their individual roles in supporting Sunriders and in shaping the future of the company.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen delivered an expansive talk that included the backstory of why he started Sunrider, insights into the Philosophy of Regeneration®., the meticulous process of crafting Sunrider products, and his excitement about the dawn of a new era: “We’ve been in business for over 36 years, and yet now it feels like we’re a brand-new company, with new products, a new compensation plan, and a new energy.”

Wendy Teng gave an update on Sunrider’s marketing mix, including social media platforms, online and printed tools and publications, and two exciting new videos series: Dr. Reuben Live and At Home with Katie She also revealed freshly revamped package designs that are part of an extensive brand reboot.

Sunny Beutler introduced a succession of Sunrider’s highest-level achievers from around the world. They shared their secrets and inspirational stories about their rise through the ranks. Eric Chen talked about the challenges he confronts while developing new products, and how ceaseless innovation remains a key to Sunrider’s success.

Award recognition, lively skits, videos, a mindfulness meditation session, and an interview with the youngest generation of Chen children, led by Dr. Reuben Chen, rounded out an engaging program.

The Grand Convention concluded with a spectacular Gala Evening. A fabulous dinner was followed by a “Dare to Dream” Gala Show. Performers from across the globe wowed the audience with routines that showcased their respective world-class talent in music, dance, acrobatics, and comedy, and more.

For Sunriders, Grand Convention isn’t just about meeting, it’s about exceeding. It’s about building relationships. Attendees left empowered by the experience, re-energized and ready to reach out to others. The momentum is rolling, the opportunities are endless, and the dreams Sunriders are building together today are sure to impact generations to come.

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