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Sunrider Malaysia Celebrates the Grand Opening of New Headquarters
Sunrider Malaysia held a ceremony on December 15, 2018, for the grand opening of its new office building and headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen, the founders of Sunrider International, made a special trip to attend the ceremony. They also led the guests and media representatives on a tour of the new facilities, and everyone enjoyed sampling new products as part of the celebration.

Some of the invited guests participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, including Executive Director of Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) Lawrence Cheah; US Embassy Commercial Officer Randy Bussman; President of Malaysia Retail Chain Association Datuk Seri Garry Chua, Sunrider Singapore IBOs Angie Siew Geok Lau and Jennifer Siew Guat Leow; and Sunrider Malaysia IBOs Hock Cheng Ng and Shirley Sok Chin Chong.

Feminine, a popular Chinese-language women's magazine, reported on this event with an article titled: “Sunrider’s Multiple Advantages,” which can be read here.

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