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Margaret Comeau (Weight Loss with SunTrim® Plus)

In 1991, I attended a health fair where I worked. A young woman was serving what she called “Calli Delight.” I tried it and I really liked it. She then invited me to a class to learn more about other products.

I heard about SunTrim® Plus from my upline Glenda Feilen and also from Sunrider emails. I started CrossFit training in November 2011 and although I had seen improvement in strength, balance, and muscle tone, I wasn’t seeing a reduction in the width of my midsection no matter how many sit-ups, masons, wipers, or crunches I did.

I was told that in addition to helping me naturally eat less, the SunTrim® Plus would also address extra weight around the midsection. In less than two months, my husband noticed I kept pulling up my jeans. It was a gradual change that I hadn’t noticed. I went shopping for new pants and went from a snug size 6 to a comfortable size 4. Now, those pants are also loose, and I keep pulling them up too!* And it didn’t just come off around the midsection. People have told me I look thinner all over, including my face.

I tell everyone about this product. I tell them it is like no other product on the market and is 100% safe to consume. Remember the 30-minute rule and stay consistent. I experienced the results. I will definitely bring it with me on the upcoming Sunrider IBO Convention Cruise. It is way too easy to overindulge when cruising and SunTrim® Plus is the perfect tool to prevent that from happening.

*In conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Results not typical.

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