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Bonnie Pena (Why I Love Sunrider)

Sunrider is the best investment I have made in my life. I’ve lived 51 years and Sunrider came to me 6 years ago. My world has changed tremendously; not just my health, but also my life. I used to feel unworthy, and I was an emotional person. I was always so sensitive (my family can testify to this), and I would separate myself from the world (including my family).

Today, my life is different because someone invited me to share my dream. My dream was simple; I wanted to be able to support my family, buy a new wardrobe, and live happy—and so it is! Sunrider has been such a BIG blessing to me in many areas of my life. I feel healthy, look great, have a new awareness, money is good, I have a new wardrobe, and I am around great people all the time. Sunrider is like family and I have opportunities every day to support my family.* I even feed my dog Sunrider® foods!

I love Sunrider® foods because they are convenient—quick and easy to prepare. It’s also easy to clean up and it gives me the perfect balance I cannot seem to find in anything else I eat. I feel so much better when I eat Sunrider® foods versus table foods. I can eat it in a smoothie, I can eat it in my beverage, I can add it to a gourmet meal, and I can even eat it right out of the package! I can eat it here, I can eat it there, I can eat it anywhere, and any time (morning, noon or night)! I can even eat it all day long and I still love it!

Also, I love the Sunrider® skin care products because they are so nourishing and my skin absolutely loves me for using it. I never thought about what I was putting on my skin until I started using Sunrider. I feel like I am getting an education in health and nutrition (for free!) when I learn about Sunrider® products. I love the fact that the Sunrider leaders give me lots of attention to help me reach my health and wellness goals.

I love the company, I love the foods, and I love the people. All this has helped me love me.

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