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Dennis & Pam Klepps (Vitalite)


Dennis and Pam Klepps, Business Leaders from Washington State, didn’t set out to lose weight when they began eating Sunrider® foods in early 2007. They just wanted to be healthier.

The couple, both in their early 60s, had their own health issues, from acid reflux, chronic aches and pains, and low energy. It wasn’t long after starting a basic Sunrider regimen of a sensible diet, exercise, and NuPlus®, Quinary®, Calli®, and Fortune Delight® (eventually adding Dr. Chen® MetaBooster® and Tei-Fu™ MetaShaper™) that the couple began experiencing positive changes in their health. Both noted increased energy and less aches and pains, the latter of which being especially significant to Dennis, a long-time sufferer of arthritis.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Dennis and Pam also noticed steady weight loss. Pam said, “I had not only improved my health…but I was also losing weight a few pounds at a time.” Pam wasn’t alone in this discovery. Dennis also noticed lower numbers on the scale, and by January 2008, he had lost some 35 lbs.*

In July 2008, just in time for Grand Convention, Pam had lost 20 lbs., and Dennis had lost 43 lbs.!* At Convention, the couple was introduced to MetaShaper™, a Sunrider® product that’s contributed to more lost inches and greater weight loss. “Besides losing weight, I’ve also lost inches from my waist, hips, thighs, and arms. When I started eating Sunrider…I was a size 12. Now, I’m buying size 6 slacks, and one pair was actually a 4…I’m close to weighing what I was before I had children,” Pam said. She added that her “weight hasn’t changed much over the last several months, so I think I’m about where I should be, but I’m still losing the belly fat…it is getting flatter every day thanks in part to MetaShaper™!”*

Dennis, who’s lost 80 lbs. since starting his Sunrider journey, has had to replace his wardrobe three times and has dropped from an extra large shirt size to a medium!* Even more amazing is his new-found energy. He said, “Recently I lifted and carried heavy objects for more than three hours straight with no fatigue. A guy I was with told me I wouldn’t be able to move the next day, but that next morning it felt as though I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary…no pain or stiffness!”

As far as exercise goes, Pam says they do walk daily, but prior to beginning Sunrider, it never helped with weight loss. Plus, her legs hurt and she tired more easily. Now the couple has increased energy and stamina! “I feel so blessed to be eating these wonderful foods,” Pam said.

Together, the couple has lost a combined 115 lbs., dropped three pant sizes, and two shirt sizes!* It’s amazing what a journey to better health can lead to, and in the Klepps’ case, it was thinner waistlines!

* In conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical.

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