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Fortune Delight®

Millions of people, from dignitaries to movie stars to children, love this refreshing, fragrant drink. Try this demonstration to experience Fortune Delight's amazing cleansing effects.

Demonstration Instructions:
  1. Dissolve one 3g packet of Fortune Delight® into a 240 cc pitcher of water.

  2. Put some vegetable oil onto your hands.

  3. Observe how oily your hands are. Regular water can't clean your hands.

  4. Slowly pour the pitcher of Fortune Delight® over your hands, using the bowl to catch the excess liquid. You'll only need to use a small amount of Fortune Delight®.

  5. Dry your hands with the towel.

  6. Notice how quickly, easily, and thoroughly Fortune Delight® cleanses the oil from your hands. Fortune Delight® is made with concentrated herbs and antioxidants to assist your body's natural cleansing processes.

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