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Kandesn® Color Cosmetics

Kandesn® Color Cosmetics is Sunrider’s collection of fashionable colors to enhance the beauty of women around the globe. Made with the finest botanical and herbal ingredients, Kandesn® Color Cosmetics is the only make-up line exclusively formulated using the Philosophy of Regeneration™ and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our luxury cosmetics moisturize, protect, and beautify the skin, making them the choice of women who demand the best.

“When we launched Kandesn® Color Cosmetics, my wife and I didn’t want cosmetics that just covered the skin. We wanted cosmetics that helped the skin while making women feel beautiful. Our exclusively formulated make-up uses the best natural ingredients such as antioxidants to protect the skin. We also use sunscreen, jojoba oil, and vegetable-origin squalane, one of the most expensive and most potent moisturizers. The squalane found in many other skin care products comes from shark livers. Because we use such high-quality ingredients, our make-up applies smoothly and won’t settle into lines and wrinkles.

“Like all Kandesn® skin care products, our Kandesn® Color Cosmetics do not contain mineral oil, petroleum byproducts, or animal-derived proteins and oils. They are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art facilities under very strict quality control.”
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Founder and Owner of Sunrider International

Product Testimonials

“All of the Kandesn® Color Cosmetics are great and easy to use. When I wear them, I feel more confident, look great, and make money. The products speak for themselves, and then I show everyone the business opportunity.”
Corlia Coetzee, Africa

“Aside from the perfect skin care lotions, the usage of color cosmetics is the most important part of the modern women’s beauty program. There’s a dizzying variety of products on the market, but most manufacturers and their consumers don’t care about the importance of natural ingredients. The Kandesn® Color Cosmetics are comforting exceptions, as the products are made with herbal ingredients and based on the Philosophy of Regeneration™, just like any other Sunrider® product. You can experience the benefits on your skin!”
Dr. Dorogi Éva, Hungary

Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15
Kandesn® Moisturizing Lip Colors
Stevia in SunnyDew® & Sunectar®
Evergreen® & Fortune Delight®
Beauty Pearl™
Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream
SunTrim® Plus
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