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Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15

Use our silky smooth Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15 to blend away your skin’s imperfections. Our natural-based foundation moisturizes the skin while evening out skin tone and texture for a flawless finish.

"Just by looking at the bottle, you may not realize how special and unique our Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15 is. Most foundations use mineral oils, petroleum byproducts, animal-derived proteins and oils because they are cheap. However, I never use those ingredients because they may cause irritation and/or inhibit your skin’s natural systems.

"Like all Sunrider® products, our foundation is also based on the “NBC” (nourish, balance, cleanse) principles of the Philosophy of Regeneration™. Most foundations clump up when you mix them with water, but our foundation disperses in water so it will not block your skin’s natural respiration. You can see a product demonstration of this benefit here.

"Our exclusively formulated foundation uses the highest quality natural ingredients, such as vegetable-origin squalane and jojoba oil. It also contains sunscreen and antioxidants to protect your skin from pollution and to provide moderate protection against sunburn."
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Founder and Owner of Sunrider International

Product Testimonials

“Since I started using Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15, it’s given my skin a silkier, smoother coverage, in addition to more effective sun protection. I feel younger, more attractive, and more confident when I meet people! This product has great business potential. It’s a great way to introduce Sunrider’s unique franchise-like opportunity and to share the income potential. This is an essential product for every woman—and for every man who loves his other half!”
Chan Suet Fong, Malaysia

"I love the Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15 because it gives my face protection from sun and pollutants, and it looks so natural. Some foundations are so heavy you can see them sit on top of the skin, and they give a mask-look to the face. Sunrider's protective foundation looks like my skin—it’s so light that I forget I have it on."
Glenda Feilen, USA

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