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Sunrider "Super Juices"

Currently, juices are trendy in the direct selling and health industry. This may not be obvious to most people, but Sunrider has had expertise in the "juice" business for 25 years. Sunrider’s source ingredients for its dietary supplements are the juices of the herbs. Our products are very, very different from the other “juices” on the market because we offer people the essences of the herbs, not just the water.

During the manufacturing process, we clean, dry, and chop or grind the raw herbs into powder. Then, we take the chopped or ground herbs and put them in a tank with water to extract the essences. We condense the “juice” so that it’s highly concentrated. Finally, we remove the water or spray dry the essences onto other finely ground herbs again.

All of the herbs we use are very high in phytochemicals, which is the essence or energy of the herbs. Because we concentrate the herbs so much, our products contain antioxidants and bioflavinoids and our herbs are many more times concentrated than other juices. Other "exotic" juices on the market like wheatgrass, noni, mangosteen, acai berry juice, etc. are just regular, inexpensive juices in their native lands like orange or apple juice. While most juices have good ingredients, you would need to drink a lot to get the expected benefits. Unfortunately, most of the juices on the market are not specially concentrated and are basically water, flavor, and sugar. You can even make them yourself.

Sunrider® products are unique and superior because we have the technology and expertise to extract and concentrate the essences—the jewel—of our herbs. Our "super juices" are potent and immediately digestible.

Evergreen® & Fortune Delight®

Evergreen® and Fortune Delight® are two of my favorite Sunrider® beverages. The main ingredient in Evergreen® is copper chlorophyllin, a type of chlorophyll, which helps the circulatory system, helps clean the intestines, and aids digestion.* Chlorophyll is the blood of the plant—the energy from the light. Because we concentrate the chlorophyll so much, Evergreen's green color (an antioxidant) is much darker and the liquid is thicker and richer than many other chlorophyll products.

There is an abundance of research that highlights the benefits of tea catechins and polyphenols compared with other beverages. The problem with regular tea is that catechins don't dissolve in water very well. Also, if you put tea in water, the water dilutes the tea and you won't get the full benefits. We specially process Fortune Delight® by concentrating the tea so that the polyphenols are effective even when water is added.

Independent Business Owners have asked me if Fortune Delight® contains caffeine. During our extraction process, we remove the majority of the caffeine until there is only a trace amount remaining. And there are no added stimulants or chemicals. This is the case for many ingredients—they are not all bad or all good. Green apples may contain a small amount of arsenic; certain types of yams contain steroids. That's why expertise in formulation is so important. A good herbalist is like a good cook. You can have confidence in Sunrider® products because I’m an expert and I know how to safely and effectively combine herbs.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Founder and Owner of Sunrider International

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Testimonials


“I love the delicious taste of Evergreen®! It makes me feel on top of the world whenever I add it to my favorite Sunrider® beverage! I’ve been to the COI plant on many occasions, and have seen the manufacture of Sunrider® products from raw materials. It’s reassuring to know that Evergreen® is exclusively formulated by Dr. Chen, and manufactured at Sunrider’s very own manufacturing facilities. I believe only Sunrider has such an exclusive brand. The highly concentrated chlorophyll in Evergreen® effectively addresses my body’s circulatory and digestive systems.* I feel more energized and look vibrant! People can’t believe the energy I have, and sharing Evergreen® with them is a fantastic way to tell them that Sunrider® products make me feel great!”
Golden Group Director Mdm Loi Heng Kong, Malaysia

“I drink diluted Evergreen® with cool water every morning and start the day fresh with Evergreen®. I like the fresh and cool feeling very much when I drink Evergreen®. Especially when I drink it in a glass cup, I enjoy the beautiful color first, and then I marvel at the sweet and wonderful taste. It’s one of the best gifts for me and also gives me energy to do my Sunrider business. When I visited the Huangpu plant in China this year, I saw state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including the Evergreen® production area in the plant. Nobody doubts that it’s researched and developed by owner expertise and also manufactured at high-tech facilities under the control of the owners directly. I share the Sunrider opportunity every day with other people and I’m sure I can make my big dreams come true.”
Group Director Ji Won Kang, Korea

Fortune Delight®

“I love Fortune Delight®! It’s not only the best drink to refresh my body and spirit, but also tastes great! I’ve visited the COI plant many times, and have seen the manufacturing process. I’m sure that no other food company can compete with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with such strict quality control. Thanks to the concentrated herbal extracts of Fortune Delight®, I believe it’s really the No. 1 product when compared to any other herbal beverage on the market. It proves its great marketing potential as the best, most effective, concentrated beverage.”
Golden Group Director Hsieh Yin Ju, Taiwan

“Because Sunrider controls its entire production process, our products are incomparable in their exclusivity, quality, and the conditions under which they are manufactured. Fortune Delight® gives me the energy to get in the best shape of my life and it harmonizes with my body's natural cleansing process. A great supplement to other Sunrider® products, it’s also easy to promote and share with others.”
Lead Director Jacqueline Metzger, Switzerland

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