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Inspired by the Latin word for “beautiful,” Bella® features an exclusive blend of herbs and plants that work in unison with the body’s natural processes to balance energy and promote feelings of serenity and calm focus for women of all ages.*

“As my wife and I grew older, I saw how much we needed products to help us feel younger and healthier. After several years of research and development, I designed Veros® for men over 40. However, because women’s chemistry is more complicated, I needed additional time to formulate a product for women over 40.

Bella® is a technological breakthrough for Sunrider. The formula is all natural with no added hormones, yet it’s so concentrated, you only need to take 1 or 2 capsules per day. When you take it, you’ll feel younger, stronger, more energetic, and more balanced.”
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Founder and Owner of Sunrider International

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Testimonials

“I take Bella® at night and it helps me sleep and feel balanced. I would never be without it. I feel young and vibrant when I take Bella®. It is a simple product to promote to women over 40 in my organization, so currently all are using Bella® and are enjoying it. Most certainly, Bella® has great benefits and has great market potential.”
Yvette Lafreniere, British Columbia, Canada

“Bella® is a fantastic product for all women over 40. I feel more energetic and look younger since taking Bella®. As compared with other brands, Bella® is all natural without any added hormones, which makes it safe to use. Just having one capsule twice a day won’t cost much money but I can enjoy my life like a young woman. Now when people see me, they are all amazed at my change and want to know the secret behind the scene. Then I tell them about Sunrider and its opportunity.”
Chan Siu Ling, Hong Kong

“I love Bella®! Every time I use this exclusive formula, I feel beautiful, confident, and young. I know many women that love this exclusive formula, as it helps maintain emotional stability and increase energy levels.*
Bella® does have market potential. It is a great door opener for me to share the Sunrider opportunity with others!”
Lokshina Ludmila, Eastern Europe

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

“I feel great and younger every day from consuming Bella®. I am 70 years old and I have more energy than my grandchildren. I have visited the SR COI Manufacturing Plant three times and it has been so wonderful to see how much care the Chens put into our products, such as Bella®. All the ladies in my group are consuming this product.”
Eunice Serudu, South Africa

“I have been feeling more confident ever since I started consuming Bella®. It’s the best thing that has happened to me. I feel more at ease with the physical and emotional changes that I am going through, and in fact, I look and feel younger and more beautiful! Bella® is so good that I share it with as many women as possible.”
Mdm. Chu Waik Eng, Malaysia

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