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Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream

Since 1982, Dr. Chen has not only revolutionized the herbal nutrition industry, he has created groundbreaking formulas for skin care. Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream is one of the most exceptional, potent skin care products available. This product combines three activities that help reduce damaging environmental effects such as UV rays and dryness: antioxidants to reduce free-radical injury, moisturizers for facial hydration, and skin-plumping agents to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles.

“The purpose of Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream is to fight the aging process of the skin. There are many expensive “miracle” creams on the market, but when I compared my cream to all the others, I was confident we offered the best anti-aging cream available. I noticed that other creams often used a lot of optical brighteners to give the illusion of better skin. But, when you use Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream, you will see true results—your skin will almost immediately look and feel smoother, softer, and younger. Your skin will continue to look even better the longer you use the product.

Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream is unique because we use highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, which is even better than collagen at attracting water molecules. I also formulated the product with the best botanical moisturizers and nutrients to deeply hydrate the skin, rather than just having the product sit on the surface. Because of its special formula and concentration, Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream has a light, silky texture and must be stored in an air-tight pump. I love using this cream myself and recommend it for both men and women. It’s especially effective when used with Oi-Lin® Replenish Gel to seal in the moisture.”
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Founder and Owner of Sunrider International

Product Testimonials

“I noticed a visible difference when I first used Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream. The main difference I see and feel is the refining and smoothing of my skin. Two friends who had not seen me for a few months, each recently asked me if I had a face lift. I said, ‘No, but I've been using a very special formula called Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream. I know my skin looks younger. My husband also uses the cream every night and his skin is definitely smoother looking. I like that men and women can both benefit from this wonderful formula—the marketing potential is huge. It's easy to promote this cream because of all the marvelous natural anti-aging nutrients. Everyone wants younger, softer, smoother-looking skin.
Sharon Samuelsen, USA

“I was so thrilled when I first started using Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream. My skin positively glowed, thanks to the cream’s intense hydrating properties, and its texture was noticeably more refined and supple. I absolutely love this product because it makes me look younger and more attractive! I feel more confident now to meet people, and I share it with as many people as possible. I believe this product has a huge business potential. And here’s a secret … it’s not just me, but my husband loves its effectiveness too!”
Mdm. Ng Ai Lang, Malaysia

“Dr. Chen’s wonderful Refining & Lifting Cream contains important herbal ingredients that are combined in a super formula that helps me fight the effects of aging and helps my skin look young and fresh all day long. The texture of this wonderful cream is so gentle and it is a great source of intense hydration. The effect is felt immediately. This unique cream is good for both men and women, as it minimizes the appearance of small wrinkles, helps combat the skin’s natural aging process, and basically suits all skin types. Thanks to its super-concentrated herbal extracts, I believe it is really the #1 product when compared to any other anti-aging skin care product on the market. It proves its great marketing potential as the best, most effective, concentrated, and inexpensive cream there is out there.”
Sigal Shleifer, Israel

“Dr. Chen™ Refining & Lifting Cream is really a wonderful product that shows off the years of research and development that went into it. When I apply it on my skin, I feel that my skin is really lifting. I like the feeling of my skin being moisturized and softened. I also like the consistency of my skin after application. Everyone likes this product because it delivers a fresh feeling without stickiness on the skin. The beautiful container helps make it a wonderful door opener for new people. A few months ago, I presented it to my husband and son. They liked it very much, had good results and now they use it every day. Recently many men are interested in caring for their skin, so this product has big market potential. This is a wonderful product to show the superiority of Sunrider® products and to share the Sunrider opportunity.”
Hwang, Soon Ok, Korea

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