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Dr. Tei-Fu Chen Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree at Kaohsiung Medical University
The following feature is based on an article that appeared in the Taiwan Times.

Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) held a graduation ceremony on June 10, 2017 for 1,533 graduates, among whom received 124 bachelor’s degrees, 280 master's degrees, and 49 doctorate degrees. In the ceremony, Principal Jingkuan Liu presented an honorary doctorate degree to Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, an alumnus from the Department of Pharmacy, in recognition of his donation of over 100 million TWD (over US$3 million) to the school.

Founded 63 years ago, Kaohsiung Medical University, originally known as Kaohsiung Medical School, has more than 45,000 alumni, among whom many contribute to medical-related industries, government agencies, and research institutes.

At the graduation ceremony, the graduates followed the tradition of making one last stroll around the campus, led on this occasion by Principal Jingkuan Liu and the faculty. Their walk brought the graduates back to the places where they created unforgettable memories while studying and working so hard to achieve their goals.

At the ceremony, Principal Jingkuan Liu encouraged the graduating class to pursue the truth through observation and looking for solutions. And to pursue justice by defending causes for social fairness and equality.

The representative of the University Alumni Association, Zhang Yu Mei, on behalf of Tian Sheng Hospital, told the graduates that "Today you are honored as a members of KMU; tomorrow, KMU will be honored because of your achievements.”

The school also invited the founder and chairman of Sunrider International, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, to deliver a speech. Dr. Chen is an alumnus of the KMU’s Department of Pharmacy, and also a renowned international entrepreneur and philanthropist who has donated more than 100 million TWD to KMU. For his support of the university, Dr. Chen was awarded an honorary doctorate degree.

In his speech, Dr. Chen emphasized that big investment is not necessarily the key to success. What is essential are good products, a good story, duplication, and marketing channels. He encouraged the students to set Kaohsiung as their base, to expand their horizons, and to see the world as their home. He said that real happiness is doing something meaningful. And his donation to KMU is meaningful to him, because a bigger school with greater resources can better benefit society.

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